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      Position:Home > R&D strength
      • +86-0371-63379595/63379577
      • sales@sinocrystal.com.cn
      • 24 Dongqing St, Zhengzhou High & New Technology Industrial Development Zone, Henan, China

      National Enterprise Tech Centre

      Sino-crystal sets the national enterprise technology centre and cooperates with nine R&D institutes and colleges in China, and builds research rooms, detection rooms and workshops for synthetic diamond, auxiliary materials, diamond facilities and diamond crystals. By R&D on the auxiliary materials, synthetic facilities and technique, advanced diamond etc, the company serves the whole superhard material industry. The detection centre has comprehensive methods and technique for the raw materials, semi-products and products. The service is open to the industry and related fields for detection technique, and keeps close to the international level.

      National Laboratory

      The detection centre is authorized by CNAS with strong detection competence. The advanced detectors for high grade diamond and auxiliary materials are provided and the detection data are widely accepted by most nations in the world. It is the only national laboratory of the super hard material industry in China.

      Postdoctoral working station

      I. Introduction of postdoctoral working station
      The postdoctoral working station was established in November 2010 with support of Department of Human Resource and Social Security of Henan Province and Bureau of Human Resource and Social Security of High & New Technology Industries Development Zone of Zhengzhou.

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